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                             Solutions for Attention Deficits and Learning Problems


School Consultation and Advocacy


Children with ADHD and/or learning problems have special school needs. Parents try to explain their child’s condition and special classroom needs to teachers. Beyond the individual teacher, parents participate in a Child Study Committee, to face a series of school meetings to determine their child’s eligibility, then to design a suitable set of interventions, modifications and accommodations.

Faced with unfamiliar and overwhelming terms and concepts as well as unfamiliar faces, parents often feel intimidated and confused when dealing with this educational process. ADDVANTAGE can provide a psychologist to accompany parents to these meetings to reduce this stress, to help represent the child’s educational needs and to assure that the classroom services and interventions are thorough and accurate. To ensure the ongoing quality of a child’s program, ADDVANTAGE can also monitor the provision of services.

When working with a child enrolled in a private school, an ADDVANTAGE psychologist can meet with the child’s teacher to develop suitable classroom accommodations and modifications based on the child’s specific needs.

Tips for teachers

ADHD and LD students can receive modifications and accommodations under Section 504 and IDEA [click here for more information]

Links on developing an IEP (Individual Educational Plan)

Very bright students with ADHD and/or learning problems present special challenges to teachers. These twice exceptional students need enrichment, as well as tailored accommodations and modifications. There are some educators, including those of the GT/LD Network, who are developing these kinds of approaches.

For more information about gifted students with ADHD click here.

For information about special education law and advocacy click here.