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                             Solutions for Attention Deficits and Learning Problems 


Accurate and Thorough Evaluations for AD/HD and LD


Thorough psychological evaluations are necessary to diagnose AD/HD and learning problems. Comprehensive evaluations identify or rule out other important problems and contribute to more accurate behavioral planning for school and home interventions. 

The evaluation process begins with a meeting with both parents. In this meeting we gain a clear referral picture and gather developmental and family histories. We also review previous evaluations and school records. Behavior checklists are distributed for parents and teachers to complete.

Psychological testing is used to understand the individualís intellectual capacity as well as his or her processing strengths and weaknesses. A typical battery of tests includes:

bulletWechsler Intelligence Scales to measure intelligence and to determine processing patterns and learning styles.
bulletWechsler Individual Achievement Test or Woodcock Johnson to assess academic achievement levels.
bulletBeery or Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test to evaluate visual motor integration skills.
bulletContinuous Performance Tests to evaluate sustained attention and response inhibition. We use Wang, Conners and IVA-CPT's.
bulletQuantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG). An innovative way to assess AD/HD ADD by using information about levels of brain arousal.
bulletClinical interview, projective drawings and/or inventories to assess personality and emotional functioning.
bulletClassroom observation may be recommended to develop a clearer picture of a child's school functioning.  The evaluation of younger children is enhanced with this information.

Other tests may be included, as needed, to develop a more refined understanding of an individualís processing strengths and weaknesses. 

Evaluation results are shared with parents in a feedback session and a thorough report is prepared for the parents, school and the referring physician.

If indicated, we will refer clients to other professionals for more detailed assessments. ADDVANTAGE coordinates with speech and language therapists, audiologists, educational specialists, physical and occupational therapists, neurologists and psychiatrists.

ADDVANTAGE can assist parents to find schools and tutors that are well-matched to their childrenís specific educational needs.


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