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                             Solutions for Attention Deficits and Learning Problems


Individual, Family and Group Counseling


Individual counseling can help people with ADHD and/or LD to understand the nature of their conditions and bolster their self-esteem. Neuro-Cognitive Psychotherapy, developed by Dr. Kathleen Nadeau, focuses on:

bulletProviding structure, support and strategies to help individuals with ADHD to succeed.
bulletHelping clients to develop a more constructive and non self-blaming view of ADHD.
bulletHelping clients to develop active, problem-solving strategies.
bulletHelping clients to create ADHD-friendly home, school and work environments in which to function best.
bulletAddressing issues including anxiety, anger, depression and interpersonal difficulties that often accompany ADHD.

Family counseling is useful for helping all family members deal more effectively with the problems of a member with ADHD. Often parents and siblings suffer frustrations when a child has ADHD. With family counseling, tensions can be reduced through increased opportunities to talk, increased awareness of the nature of ADHD and the development of clear family rules and consequences.

Group counseling can be useful to develop and practice social skills. Interpersonal cognitive problem solving (ICPS) is a useful tool for widening the coping skills of children and teens with ADHD.