Solutions for Attention Deficits and Learning Problems 

Screening checklist for women who might have

Attention Deficit Disorder


 The following is a list of characteristics that often describe the challenges faced by women with ADD. Everyone has these kinds of feelings at some time and to some extent. Do you have them more severely? Have they been present for most of your life? Are they giving you an overwhelming sense of difficulty in achievement, self-esteem, relationships or mood?

    [ ] Do you feel bombarded in department stores, grocery stores, at the office or at parties?

    [ ] Do you often shut down in the middle of the day, feeling assaulted?

    [ ] Is time, money, paper or "stuff" dominating your life and impacting you ability to achieve your goals?
    [ ] Are you spending a majority of your time coping, looking for things, catching up or covering up?

    [ ] Are you avoiding people because of all of this, hiding big chunks of yourself out of shame?

    [ ] Have you stopped having people over to your house because of your shame at the mess?

    [ ] Even though you are educated, have you never learned to balance your checkbook?

    [ ] Is it impossible for you to shut out nearby sounds and distractions that don't bother others?

    [ ] Do small requests for "one more thing" put you over the top emotionally?

    [ ] Do you often feel life racing out of control, that it's impossible to meet demands?

    [ ] Do you start out each day determined to get organized?

    [ ] Do you feel like a couch potato or tornado, at either end of a disregulated activity spectrum?

    [ ] Do you feel that you have many more ideas than others, but you can't stop them or synthesize, organize or     act on them in an orderly way?

    [ ] Have you watched others of equal IQ and education pass you by?

    [ ] Are you starting to feel despair of ever fulfilling you potential and meeting your goals?

    [ ] Are you clueless as to how others lead a consistent, regular life?

    [ ] Have you been thought of as selfish because you don't write thank-you notes or send birthday cards?           Are you called a slob or spacey? Are you "passing for normal"? Does it feel more and more as if you were an    impostor?

    [ ] Is all your time and energy taken up with coping, staying organized, holding it together, with no time for fun  or relaxation?

    PLEASE NOTE: This checklist is not intended to replace professional assessment for ADD. 

Not all women  with ADD have all of these symptoms and not all women who have these symptoms have ADD. If you suspect you have ADD, seek a complete assessment by a qualified professional.  Sari Solden

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